Republic of Iraq: Iraq a Guidebook (1961)

Government of Iraq: Iraq Today ... (1953)

Cookery in the Middle East :
The Iraqi Red Crescent Society Women's Branch: Recipes from Baghdad 1952 and 1961 editions.

Historical narratives :
Gertrude Lowthian Bell : Amurath to Amurath. (1924, 2nd edn)
      Hogarth, W.D.: Bell entry in The Dictionary of National Biography.
St. George's Memorial Church, Baghdad : Parish booklet with short history (undated)

Israel Intelligence Service 1977 : 1979 US description of the organisation.
Yitzhak Rabin : 1974 US government biographical assessment.

Historical witness:
    —   Don Bunyan. Live recording of an Iraqi revolution ?1963/66: mp3 version (5mb); wma version (2mb).

Political responses to current British foreign policy in Middle East :
    —  George Galloway, M.P.(2nd April, 2004). Presscom film
    —  Brian Haw, demonstrator against the war in Iraq (2nd June, 2001– ). Visual media; link to Mr Haw's web site
    —  'British Intelligence' and a potential source of inspiration (1970) Sound media

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