9th March, 2003 (1854) On the Means Adopted to Insure the Rarity of the Privately Printed Works
(1861) The Sackfull of Newes: an old jest-book, originally printed in the sixteenth century
(1881) A Brief Report on the Interchange of Books, Relics, &c., between the New Place and the Birthplace Museum, and on the Re-arrangement of the Library
8th April, 2003 (1866) Shakespeare and the Armada
15th April, 2003 (1856) Contributions to English Lexicography
19th April, 2003 (1880) Cursory Memoranda on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth, with early notice of the moving wood stratagem
(1866) *Late corrections to ...Armada extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company.
5th May, 2003 (1880) Memoranda on Shakespeare's Tempest.
6th June, 2003 (1880) *Illustrations & title headings for Shakespeare's Tempest and Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth.
*Addition of traditional face fonts file with in zip format: fonts.zip.
10th June, 2003 (1820) A Collection of Nursery Rhymes. (Trad. collection, not Halliwell.)
(1846) *Illustrator biography & portraits for The Nursery Rhymes of England
14th June, 2003 (1820) *Revised format for A Collection of Nursery Rhymes
2nd July, 2003 (1846) The Nursery Rhymes of England, 4th edition. *A few very minor page errors to be checked out
(1890) Dictionary of National Biography, James Halliwell entry by Sidney Lee
3rd July, 2003 (1846) *Addition of 'Contents' and 'Index' pages linking to smaller sized separate chapters for The Nursery Rhymes of England, 4th edition. Index linking errors cleared
10th & 11th July, 2003 (1810) Gammer Gurton's Garland of Nursery Songs & Toby Tickle's Collection of Riddles (Not Halliwell.)
26th September, 2003 (1881) WINDSOR, Justin (ed.) Halliwelliana: A bibliography of the publications of James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps
16th May, 2004 (1857) Early Editions of Shakespeare
(1867) Notices of Players Acting at Ludlow
(1880) Discursive Notes on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
(1883) Memoranda on the Present State of the Birth-Place Trust
22nd Nov., 2004 - 27th Jan, 2005 (1849) Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales. *Including music file
15th & 20th July, 2005 (1852) A few remarks on the emendation, "who smothers her with painting," in the play of Cymbeline
(1853) Curiosities of Modern Shaksperian Criticism
6th August, 2005 (1880) New Lamps or Old? A few additional words on the momentous question respecting the E and the A in the name of our national dramatist
14th December, 2005 Photographs of the site of New Place, where Shakespeare died in 1616; and photographs of the Guild Chapel, nearby, built by the Guild of the Holy Cross in the 13th century, later rebuilt in the 15th/16th century.
2nd January, 2006 (1850) A New Boke about Shakespeare and Stratford-on-Avon
24th January, 2008 (1842) The Nursery Rhymes of England, first edition abridged
(1886) The Nursery Rhymes of England, fifth edition abridged
March-April, 2008 (1843) The Nursery Rhymes of England, second edition, complete text
(1849) Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, revision & corrections of format; inclusion of index
May, 2008 The 4th, 5th, & 1st editions are being overhauled to remedy problems with the html editor's temporary file errors. 1st abridged & 4th editions corrected versions are now online.
17th August, 2008 (1841/14th century) The Boke of Curtasye
(1853) A Brief Description of the Ancient & Modern Manuscripts preserved in the Public Library, Plymouth. Including:
(c1592-1597) BRETON, Nicholas The Countesse of Penbrook's Passion
(c.1664) BOYLE, Roger The Generall
(c. 1604) FORMAN, Simon Metrical Autobiography
12th July, 2009 (1888) New Evidences in confirmation of the Traditional Recognition of Shakespeare's Birth-Room
(1888) The Proposed so-called Restoration of the Church of the Holy Trinity at Stratford-on-Avon
17th July, 2009 (1884) The Stratford Records and The Shakespeare Autotypes
(1854/16th century?) GYBBYS, John The Alchemical Testament of John Gybbys of Exeter
31st July, 2009 (1854) A Brief Account of an Unique Edition of Sir Philip Sydney's Arcadia
11th September, 2009 (1853) Books of Characters illustrating the Habits and Manners of Englishmen from the Reign of James I. to the Restoration. Comprising:
(1609) ANON The Man in the Moone Telling Strange Fortunes; or, The English Fortune-Teller
(1615) STEPHENS, John Essayes and Characters, 2nd impression
(1626) BRETON, Nicholas Fantasticks, extracts
(1632) LUPTON, Donald London and the Countrey Carbonadoed and Quartred
(1649) ANON The Wandering Jew telling Fortunes to Englishmen
(1721) The Compleat Gamester, 'The Character of a Bowling-Alley and Bowling-Green'
19th October, 2009 (1838) A Brief Account of the Life, Writings, and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland. Includes a text from a 14th century Ms—A Treatise on the Numeration of Algorism
(1842) An Account of the European Manuscripts in the Chetham Library, Manchester
(1868) Selected Notes Upon Shakespeare's Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra
7th January, 2010 (1864 / 1570) BALDWIN, William Beware the Cat.. Republication from a 19th century transcription.
20th Nov., 2011 - 4th June, 2014 (1848) A Life of William Shakespeare. (The Life has been divided into 8 parts for the purposes of web publication, with an Appendix, Notes, and Index.) *Part 1, pages i to 84. *Part 2, pages 84-138. *Part 3, pages 138-164. *Part 4, pages 164-182 (including modern photographs of New Place site). *Part 5, pages 182-218. *Part 6, pages 218-246. *Part 7, pages 246-272. *Part 8, pages 272-298. *Appendix pages 299-325. *Additional Notes, pages 327-334. *List of Documents, pages 335-336.
(1889) WROTH, Warwick:  Dictionary of National Biography, Frederick Fairholt (artist) entry
8th April, 2018 (1842) The Jokes of the Cambridge Coffee-Houses in the Seventeenth Century
12th September, 2018 (1874) Illustrations of the Life of Shakespeare, First Part. The complete text plus appendix, and the appendix (as a separate file), to come. There is no second part.

9th January, 2006 (1594) PERCY, William Sonnets to the Fairest Coelia, first printing.  *Two versions, one with 's' as 'f' and one without.
(1895) LEE, Sydney:  Dictionary of National Biography, William Percy entry
10th October, 2006 (1648) FANE, Mildmay Otia Sacra.  *Two versions, one with 17th century typography and one without.
(1889) RIGG, J.M.:  Dictionary of National Biography, Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland, entry
7th January, 2010 (1561 / 1875) ANON, 'A short answer to the book called "Beware the Cat", republication by Henry Huth / William Hazlitt in Fugitive Tracts
(1570) BALDWIN, William (aka 'G.B.') Beware the Cat, title pages only, with illustrations, published London, Fleet Street, at the signe of the Faulcon by Wylliam Gryffith
(1864 / 1570) BALDWIN, William Beware the Cat, 1570 edition, 19th century transcript republication by James Halliwell
(1874 / 1574) HUTH, Henry & William HAZLITT, republication of 1584 edition preface of William Baldwin's 'Beware the Cat' in Prefaces Dedications Epistles
(1802) RITSON, Joseph:  Bibliographia Poetica, William Baldwin & 'G.B.' entries
(1885) BULLEN, A. H.   Dictionary of National Biography, William Baldwin entry
26th May, 2010 (1584) BALDWIN, William or 'G.B.' Beware the Cat, published London, long shop adjoining Saint Mildreds Church in the Pultrie by Edward Allde
30th July, 2010 (1802, 1816, 1831, 1848, 1849, 1867, 1876, 1879, 1885, 1887) Bibliographical and biographical references to William Baldwin from Joseph Ritson, Joseph Ames/Thomas Dibdin, John Payne Collier, William Carew Hazlitt, & A.H. Bullen.
10th August, 2011 (1584) BALDWIN, William or 'G.B.' Beware the Cat, final proofread; plus modern orthography version.

12th July-
   19th August, 2003
(1639) *An illustration directory for Jean Puget de la Serre Histoire de l'entree de la Reyne Mere du roy tres-chrestien dans les Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas

23rd March, 2008 (1835) CHAMBERS, Robert Poems
(1887) WATT, Francis:    Dictionary of National Biography, Robert Chambers entry
11th April, 2009 (1842) CHAMBERS, Robert Popular Rhymes, Fireside Stories, & Amusements of Scotland

FROGMORE LODGE press, Windsor
27th October, 2005 (1812) Frogmore Lodge, Windsor. Illustration
(1854) MARTIN, John Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books, 2nd edn, entry to Frogmore Lodge
(1809) A Chronological Abridgement of the History of Spain
(1817) A Chronological Abridgement of the History of Portugal
(1817) A Chronological Abridgement of the History of Ancient Rome
(1812) Translations from the German in prose and verse, KNIGHT, Ellis Cornelia (translator)
(1812) Miscellaneous: poems by Ellis Cornelia KNIGHT, Samuel ROGERS, W.R.SPENCER & others.
(1861) KAYE, J.W. Introduction to Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, lady companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales
(1861) KNIGHT, Ellis Cornelia Autobiography ..., ed. by J.W. Kaye. Chapters 10 to 17, with summarised omissions
(1875) STODDARD, Richard, ed. Personal Reminiscences by Cornelia Knight and Thomas Raikes. Only introductory remarks to Cornelia Knight.
*Also included are further reading references to Frogmore Lodge, et al
6th November, 2005 (1810) A Chronological Abridgement of the History of Germany
22nd November, 2005 (1811) A Chronological Abridgement of the History of France

LEE PRIORY PRESS, Kent (Sir Egerton Brydges)
27th October, 2005 (1824) Catalogue of all the works printed at the private press at Lee Priory from its commencement in July 1813, till its termination in Jan. 1823
31st December, 2006 (1818) BRYDGES, Sir Egerton: Select Funeral Memorials
28th May, 2007 (1820) QUILLINAN, Edward: Woodcuts and Verses; Additionally, a separate entry with the woodcuts & decorative rules enlarged.
(1886) WROTH, Warwick: Dictionary of National Biography, Samuel Egerton Brydges entry
2nd July, 2007 (1813) RALEIGH, Sir Walter: The Poems of ... , with a biographical & critical introduction by Sir Egerton Brydges
23rd April, 2008 (1815 / 1613) BROWNE, William: Original poems, never before published, with a preface & notes by Sir Egerton Brydges
26th May, 2008 (1818 / 1612?) CHAPMAN, George: An Epicede, or Funeral Song: On the most disastrous Death of the High-born Prince of Men, Henry Prince of Wales, &c. &c. Who Died the 6th of November, 1612
(1818 / 1595) ROBERTS, Henry: The Trumpet of Fame, the second edition
9th May, 2009 (1814 / 1641) WOTTON, Sir Henry: The Characters of Robert Devereux and George Villiers
(1900) LEE, Sidney:  Dictionary of National Biography, Sir Henry Wotton entry
12th July, 2009 (1815) BRYDGES, Sir Egerton: Desultoria : or Comments of a South-Briton on Books and Men
8th August, 2010 (1814) BRYDGES, Sir Egerton: Bertram, a poetical tale
16th Aug. - 5th Sept., 2010 (1817) BRYDGES, Sir Egerton: The Muse of Lough Corrib, a poem
(1816) To the friends and admirers of Robert Bloomfield, a subscription request
(1817) To a Lady, a poem
(1817) May-Day, a song
(1819) Five Sonnets, addressed to Wootton, the spot of the author's nativity
2nd November, 2010 (1817) BRYDGES, Sir Egerton: A Brief Character of Matthew Lord Rokeby
(1897) LE GRYS NORGATE, G: Dictionary of National Biography, Matthew Robinson-Morris, 2nd Baron Rokeby, entry
5th July, 2011 (1814) QUILLINAN, Edward: Dunluce Castle, a poem
(1896) GARNETT, Richard: Dictionary of National Biography, Edward Quillinan, entry
1st August, 2011 (1817) QUILLINAN, Edward: Elegiac Verses, addressed to a lady

27th October, 2005 (1854) MARTIN, John:  Introduction to 2nd edition of Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books; *This has since had a number of images added to it
23rd November, 2005 (1926) WINSHIP, George Parker:  Gutenberg to Plantin: an outline of the early history of printing
(1891) MACKAY, Sheriff A.J.G.:  A short note on the Local Presses of Scotland
(1891) SCOTT, John:  The Arithmetica of Jordanus Nemorarius. Paris, 1496. — Is it the first book with the printing of which a Scotsman was connected ?
(1893) DUFF, E.Gordon:  The two first books printed in the Scottish language
*Also included are further (modern) reading references to the History of Printing &c.
20th February, 2006 (1885) DICKSON, Robert:  Introduction to the Art of Printing in Scotland
6th May, 2006 (1903) JACOBI, Charles:  Some Notes on Books and Printing.
7th August, 2018 (1887) BOUCHOT, Henri and Edward C. BIGMORE:   The Printed Book, Its History, Illustration, and Adornment, from the days of Gutenberg to the present time.

18th December, 2003 - 22nd April, 2006
(1924) BELL, Gertrude Lowthian:  Amurath to Amurath, 2nd edition (1st edition 1911). *To date as a main file and also small chapter files: Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; *missing photographs to chapter 4 now included, *some links fixed & main access page revised, *larger photographs now linked to reduce downloading size, *interim Map provided
10th July, 2005
(1937) Dictionary of National Biography, Gertrude Bell entry by W.D.Hogarth
4th April, 2004
(2004) GALLOWAY, George. M.P.    Political meeting, 02/02/2004, at Ilford Community Hall, London. Video media
11th/13th July, 2005;
22nd August, 2005/24th September, 2005
(2001- ) HAW, Brian.    Long term political demonstration before the Houses of Parliament, London. Photographs (May 2004 & August 2005), short film clips (June & August 2005), and link to Brian Haw's web site. *Errors in uploading causing problematic display of photographs and film have been fixed.
1st January, 2006 (1963/6) BUNYAN, Don. Recording of an Iraqi revolution in progress under one of the President Arefs (predating Saddam Hussein). .mp3 & .wma files. *Correct historical information will hopefully be provided in due course
6th May, 2006 (1961) REPUBLIC OF IRAQ, Summer Resorts and Tourism Service. 'Iraq A Guidebook'.
10th June, 2006 (1970) CLARKE, Tom, 'Mad Jack'. Sound quote from this 1970 Wednesday Play, published here due to need to understand potential historical sources of inspiration for the British Labour government's rationale for war.
29th March, 2009 & 20th March 2019 (1977) Israel Intelligence Service. A US assessment.
5th March & 7th April, 2019 (1952 & 1961) THE IRAQI RED CRESCENT SOCIETY WOMEN'S BRANCH, 'Recipes from Baghdad' 1952, 2nd edition, pdf format; 'Recipes from Baghdad' 1961, 3rd edition, pdf format
20th March 2019 (1977) Middle East: Yitzak Rabin. A US assessment.
20th April 2019 (1953) GOVERNMENT of IRAQ, 'Iraq Today ...', pdf format, *not yet complete
4th May 2020 (no date) REFORMED CHURCH, St. George's Memorial Church, Baghdad : Parish booklet with short history (undated)

23rd February, 2004
(2004) Ballet courtesies: rarely broadcast elements of a ballet event (Baryshnikov)
25th June, 2005
(2005) Moon music video: live music accompanying images of moon rising over London on 22nd/23rd June, 2005
10th June, 2006
(1970s) The Mind Beyond, theme or incidental music from series. *Very bad reproduction, but this music does not appear to be otherwise available.
20th February, 2013
(1970) 'La Route et Dure', theme song from 1970 television drama Roads to Freedom, based on trilogy by Jean-Paul Sartre; not otherwise available.
(1970) Big Brother theme, from television series. This was the original 'Big Brother', not to be confused with a more hermaphrodyte millenium offering of the same name.
(1980s) Flamingo Road theme (at least one of them), from unavailable N.American series.
30th July, 2019
(1916) ANDREES Berliner Schul-Atlas, with forwords by Paul Bellardi, Berlin rector.These are very detailed maps of Berlin for the Kaiser generation of schoolchildren, as well as maps of other countries. The images are large, as are their enlargements.

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