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St. George's Memorial Church
Baghdad West

Crucifix emblem on St George's Memorial Church parish booklet, Baghdad, Iraq

Chaplain The Rev. John de Chazal
Churchwardens R. P. Davies
L.A. Brinkman
Honorary Secretary L. A. Brinkman
Honorary Treasurer R. A. Wilton
Free-Will Offering R. A. Williamson
Organist Mrs., D. Sanjari
Choir-master Mrs., P. Brill
Sunday School Superintendent
Mrs., E. Haines
Secretary Women's Guild Mrs., G Combs

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     We address you on behalf of St. George's Church Council. We believe you will be interested in the history of the Church and we hope that you will support its work and witness.

     There is no other English-Speaking Reformed Church in the City. In the year 1919 the first services were conducted in a temporary building in the Serai. After considerable difficulties had been overcome and with the help of the then Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Randall Davidson) the first Civil Chaplain, the Rev. F. Ford, was appointed and arrived in 1922.

     The Church had to vacate its temporary building in the Serai and moved to an upper room in River Street. From there it took over a vacant building at South Gate, which had previously been used as a church.

     But this building was also destined for demolition. After prolonged negotiations the present plot of land was obtained; and a widespread appeal for funds was launched. Finally, on February 10th 1936, at a service conducted by the Bishop in Jerusalem, the foundation stone, which had been specially cut from a quarry in Jerusalem, was laid by Lt./Col J. Ramsay Tainsh. In March of the following year the present building was consecrated in the presence of a large and varied congre-
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gation. It was named the Mesopotamia Memorial Church and dedicated to the glory of God and St. George.

     St. George's is an Anglican parish in the Jerusalem Archbishopric. It exists to serve mainly the British and American communities but also welcomes all English-speaking Christians and, as there is no other Reformed Church in Baghdad, it invites communicant members of other Christian bodies to participate in the Holy Communion.

     The services are liturgical, but are kept simple. The Chaplain and Church Council are always aware that some of the congregation are unfamiliar with the order of service, but are anxious to help them. In this connection we are proud of the Scottish memorial window and the fine pipe organ presented by the German community in 1939.

     The Chapaincy has no endowment. It is entirely dependent on offerings and subscriptions.

     It is the duty of every Christian to worship on the Lord's Day. We believe this duty to be even more sacred when away from home. We invite you, therefore, to worship the Almighty and to share in this venture of faith.

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May to
October to
Holy Communion 7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.


9.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.

Sunday School
(at Church House)

9.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.


7.00 p.m. 6.30 p.m.

Holy Baptism

By arrangem

     St. George's Church is close to the Iranian Embassy, Karradat Mariam, Baghdad West.

     The Chaplain's House (Church House) is next door to the Church. His telephone number is 31481. The Verger's house is behind the Church and the key may be obtained there.

     The choir practice weekly.

     The Women's Guild meet on alternate Wednesdays at 10 a.m. as announced.