Gertrude Lowthian Bell

Amurath to Amurath

(1924, 2nd edn; 1st edn 1911)

London: Macmillan & Co Ltd, St. Martin's Street.


  • Text
         Now finished (as of 18th December, 2005), with the exception of the table of illustrations and index.

  • Map of the Near East with the journey of Gertrude Bell marked in red. (Uploaded 22nd April, 2006.)



  • Table of Illustrations & Index. (Still to be processed)

  • E-book edition
  •      NOTE ON THE ILLUSTRATIONS. These are reproduced at approximately the size of those in the book. The smaller images were first scanned at 200 dpi before being saved for web at 72 dpi and generally 50-61% quality. This appears sufficient to maintain the quality of the 72 dpi reduction whilst at the same time not being too large to download. A number have been 'enhanced' to reveal the original photographs' greater detail which the printing in the published version obscures.
          During the process of republishing the book some of the illustrations may be reprocessed to allow for better consistency throughout. As of November 2005 a number of photographs are also linked to an enlarged version. This may not show if the browser's options include resizing (for Microsoft's IE v.6, left click on the right-hand corner of the photograph and a small orange box with arrowheads should appear. Click on this if you can and the image should expand to its saved size).