BRIAN HAW, lone demonstrator
against the war on Iraq, from 2nd June, 2001,
in Parliament Square, Westminster, London.

  • Short video of context of demonstration
    taken June 2005. (All .wmv format, duration 36 seconds)
    – screen size 160x120, 55 kpbs, 231kb;
    – screen size 320x240, 885 kpbs, 3.28mb;
    – screen size 640x480, 2467 kpbs, 9.02mb.

  • Photographs taken of damage to the demonstration, May 2004.

  • Photographs of Mr Haw's demonstration as at 10 August 2005.
    Plus short video compilation (1.1mb) taken in the early hours of 1 August, 2005.
    From this date no demonstration within a specified distance
    from Parliament can take place without police permission.

  • Link to Mr Haw's web site
    with news, history, images, films, interviews.