The Printed Book

by Henri Bouchot,
translated and enlarged by Edward C. Bigmore.

(This is the complete text. 504kb.)


Preface ;   Chapter 1, pp.1-32;   Chapter 2, pp.33-97;   Chapter 3, pp.98-150 ;   Chapter 4, pp.151-183 ;   Chapter 5, pp.184-217 ;   Chapter 6, pp.218-238 ;   Chapter 7, pp.239-252 ;   Chapter 8, pp.253-289 ;   Chapter 9, pp.290-304 ;   Index, pp.305-312.

This is a large file with many images. Each image has its medium sized enlargement (averaging 30kb to 108kb), and very large enlargement (averaging 39kb to 300kb plus). They are scanned from very good photocopies of an original edition and some direct scans. The images generated have been put through a process to allow the gaps to become 'transparent' for reproduction on the web at a size that can be downloaded more easily.