Published by George Thomason, & Octavian Pullen,
at the Rose, Cemetery of Saint Paul, London.
Printed by Jean Raworth, 1639

Histoire de L'entree de la Reyne Mere du Roy Tres-Chrestien, dans les Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas

by Jean Puget De La Serre


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1. Frontspiece

2. Title page

3.The advisors

4. Gorcom arrival

See detail.
5. Dort arrival

See detail.
6. Rotterdam arrival

See detail.
7. Entry into Delft

See detail.
8. Queen saluted on
approach to the Hague

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9. Entry into Haerlem

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10. Entry into Amsterdam

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11. Amsterdam theatre presentation

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12. Entry into Leyden

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13. Queen's ships sailing

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Histoire de l'entree de la Reine Mere du Roy Tres Chrestien dans la Grande Bretaigne par Sr De La Serre
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