History of Printing, Typography, and Publishing

Further references
This site only reproduces historical material on the history of printing, typography, and publishing. As the historiography of the industry continued throughout the twentieth century clearly many statements have been factually expanded upon, changed, given new theoretical perspectives and so on. The following (for a start only at the present date) are references which do exactly that.

FEBVRE, Lucien & Henri-Jean MARTIN (1957, republished in English 1976 & 1984) The Coming of the Book: the impact of printing 1450-1800, translated by David Gerard, ed. by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith & David Wootton, London: Verso.

WORMALD, Francis & C.E. WRIGHT (1958) eds.The English Library before 1700: studies in its history, University of London: The Athlone Press.