p.251 ]

I N D E X.

A, B, C, tumble down dee160
A carrion crow sat on an oak56
A cat came fiddling out of a barn102
A donkey walks on four legs164
A diller, a dollar163
A duck and a drake107
A kid, a kid, my father bought6
A little old man and I fell out189
A man of words and not of deeds122
A riddle, a riddle, as I suppose112
A sempstress that sews120
A swarm of bees in May121
Aaron said unto Moses49
About the bush, Willy178
All hail to the moon ! All hail to thee!168
Around the green gravel the grass grows green186
As I go round ring by ring152
As I was going o'er Westminster bridge217
As I was going by Charing Cross15
As I was going to St. Ives117
As I was going to sell my eggs115
As I was going up Pippen-hill181
As I was walking o'er little Moorfields58
As I went over Lincoln bridge111
As I went over the water54
As I went through the garden gap117
As round as an apple, as deep as a cup112
As Tommy Snooks, and Bessy Brooks171
Awa', birds, away187
Baby and I 134
p.252 /
Bah, bah, black sheep176
Barber, barber, shave a pig177
Barnaby Bright he was a sharp cur76, 207
Bat, bat149
Bell horses , bell horses147
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray49
Betty's gone a milking, mother, mother187
Black we are, but much admired218
Bobby Shafto's gone to sea18
Bounce Buckram velvet's dear121
Bryan O'Lin had no breeches to wear212
Bryan O'Lin, and his wife, and wife's mother55
Bryan O'Lin had no watch to put on212
Buff says Buff to all his men136, 246
Burnie bee, burnie bee186
Buz, quoth the blue fly172
Bye, baby bunting124-5
Bye, O my baby126
Can you make me a cambric shirt191
Catskin, the story of65
Cock a doodle doo99
Come, all ye brisk young bachelors35
Come, butter, come129
Come dance a jig101
Come let's to bed184
Congeal'd water and Cain's brother116
Cripple Dick upon a stick103
Cross patch 203
Cry, baby, cry127
Cuckoo, cherry tree146
Curly locks, curly locks, wilt thou be mine?175
Cushy cow bonny, let down thy milk214
Dame, what make's your ducks to die?172
Dance, little baby, dance up high196
Dance, Thumpkin, dance137
Danty baby diddy125
Deedle, deedle, dumpling my son John100
Dibbity, dibbity, dibbity, doe167
Dick and Tom, Will and John105
Did you not hear of Betty Pringle's pig?26
Ding, dong, bell98
Ding, dong, darrow109
Dingle, dingle, doosey107
Dingty diddlety 98
Doodledy, doodled, doodled, dan104
Draw a pail of water142
Dr. Faustus was a good man37
p.253 /
Driddlety drum, driddlety drum101
Eggs, butter, cheese, bread141
Eight ships on the main246
Elizabeth, Elspeth, Betsy and Bess117
Every lady in this land217
Father, O father, I'm come to confess148
Feedum, fiddledum fee100
Fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-de-dee103
Five score of men, money, and pins120
Formed long ago, yet made to-day111
Four and twenty tailors went to kill a snail34
Gay go up and gay go down135
Giles Collins he said to his old mother91
Gilly Silly Jarter 108
Girls and boys, come out to play143, 209
Give a thing, take a thing245
Good horses, bad horses147
Good morning, father Francis148
Goosy goosy gander113
Go to bed, Tom200
Great A, little a160
Green cheeses, yellow laces149
Green leaves and pudding pies199
Handy Spandy 97
Hark, hark, the dogs do bark106
He tossed the ball so high5
Here am I, little jumping Joan158
Here comes a poor woman from baby-land141
Here comes a lusty wooer178
Here comes I 166
Here stands a fist 205
Here we come a piping138
Herrings, herrings, white and red168
Hey ! diddle diddle103, 208
Hey ding a ding, what shall I sing ?99
Hey dorolot, dorolot102
Hey, my kitten, my kitten127
Hic, hoc, the carrion crow57
Hickory, dickory, dock150
High diddle ding 15
High a ding a ding, and ho ding a ding15
Highty cock O ! 153
Highty, tighty, paradighty clothed in green118
Hinx, minx ! the old witch winks216
How many miles is it to Babylon204
Hub a dub dub 97
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall113, 208
p.254 /
Hush a bye a ba lamb126
Hush a bye, baby, on the tree top124
Hush thee, my babby126
Hushy baby, my doll, I pray you don't cry125
I am a pretty wench182
I can make diet bread147
If all the seas were one sea197
If all the world was apple-pie157
If I'd as much money as I could spend171
I had a little castle upon the sea-side118
I had a little dog, and his name was Blue Bell24
I had a little hobby-horse and it was well shod196
I had a little husband52
I had a little moppet25
I had a little nut-tree12
I had a little pony 170
I had a little sister, they call'd her peep, peep119
I'll sing you a song177, 184-5
I'll tell you a story 32
I love sixpence, pretty little sixpence193
In fir tar is 218
In love be I fifth button high173
Intery, mintery, cutery-corn101
I saw an old woman90
I see the moon, and the moon sees me167
Is John Smith within ?141
I went to the toad that lies under the wall129
I will tell my own daddy when he comes home190
I won't be my father's Jack133
Jack and Jill 48
Jack Horner was a pretty lad230
Jack Sprat could eat no fat 34
Jack Sprat had a cat96
Jenny Wren fell sick64
Jim and George were two great lords19
John Ball shot them all197
John, come sell thy fiddle189
John Cook had a little grey mare94
Jim Crow's sister 195
King Charles walked and talked119
King Stephen was a worthy king219
Lady-bird, lady-bird204
Lady-cow, lady-cow, fly thy way homeib.
Lazy dukes, that sit on their neuks144
Leg over leg 110
Let us go to the wood, says this pig140
Liar, liar, lick spit164
p.255 /
Little Blue Betty lived in a den39
Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep93, 207
Little boy, pretty boy, where was you born?202
Little boy blue, come blow up your horn183
Little Brown Betty lived under a pan225
Little General Monk14
Little Jack Dandy-prat61
Little Jack Horner sat in the corner52
Little Jack Jingle 34
Little Jenny Wren fell sick upon a time63
Little John Jiggy Jag82
Little maid, pretty maid, whither goest thou ?185
Little Mary Ester sat upon a tester61
Little Miss Mopsey 37
Little Nancy Etticoat114
Little Robin Red-breast74
Little Tommy Tacket199
Little Tom Tucker 89
Little Tom Trigger 83
London bridge is broken down194
Long legs, crooked thighs114
Lucy Locket lost her pocket48
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John 130-1
Miss one two and three, could never agree162
Mistress Mary, quite contrary163, 211
Mrs. Twitchett with one eye119
Multiplication is vexation165
My daddy is dead, but I can't tell you how11
My father he died, but I can't tell you how10
My father he died, I cannot tell howib.
My lady's lap-dog213
My lady Wind, my lady Wind50
My little old man and I fell out190
My nose is green 146
Nancy Dawson was so fine173
N. for a word of deniance162
Needles and pins, needles and pins122
O bonny Hobby Elliott179
O rare Harry Parry 182
O that I was where I would be157
O the little rusty, dusty, rusty miller176
Of all the gay birds that e'er I did see194, 250
Oh, what's the rhyme to porringer ?17
Old woman, old woman, shall we go a shearing200
Old Dr. Foster went to Glo'ster55
Old father Greybeard112
Old King Cole 3
p.256 /
Old mother Hubbard76
Old mother Niddity Nod swore by the pudding-bag91
Old mother Widdle Waddle jumpt out of bed79
One-ery, two-ery105
One misty moisty morning191
One old Oxford ox opening oysters153
One's none 162
One, two, buckle my shoe161
One, two, three105
One, two, three, four, five160
Over the water, and over the lee18
Parson Darby wore a black gown170
Pat-a cake, pat-a cake, baker's man161
Pease-porridge hot, pease-porridge cold115
Peg, peg, with a wooden leg51
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper129
Peter White will ne'er go right159
Pillycock, Pillycock, sate on a hill159, 210
Poor old Robinson Crusoe !19
Purple, yellow, red and green113
Pussycat, wussicat, with a white foot109
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been ?12
Pussy cat, pussy cat, will thou be mine ?176
Queen Anne, Queen Anne, you sit in the sun137
Rain, rain, go away214
Riddle me, riddle me, riddle me ree ! 122
Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross138-9, 209
Ride a cock-horse to Coventry Cross139
Ride, baby, ride190
Ring me, ring me, ring me rary151
Robert Rowley rolled a round roll round128
Robert Barnes, fellow fine215
Robin a Bobbin, a Bilberry hen229
Robin and Richard23
Robin Hood, Robin Hood4
Robin the Bobbin, the big-bellied Ben51
Rock a-bye, baby, the cradle is green203
Round about, round about104
Rowsty dowt, my fire's all out22
Saturday night my wife did die83
Says Aaron to Moses48
Says Moses to Aaronib.
Says t'auld man tit oak tree171
See a pin and pick it up120
Seek a thing, give a thing102
See saw, Jack a daw153
p.257 /
See saw, Jack in a hedge152
See saw, Margery Daw108, 108
See saw, sack-a-day16
See saw, sacradown152
See ! see ! what shall I see ?118
Shake a leg, wag a leg, when will you gang ?203
Shoe the colt 169
Sieve my lady's oatmeal133
Simple Simon met a pieman74
Sing a song of sixpence62
Sing jigmijole, the pudding bowl205
Sing, sing, what shall I sing ?107
Snail, snail, come out of your hole167
Solomon Grundy 38
Some up, some down200
Some Christian people all give ear28
Some little mice sat in a barn to spin57
St. Dunstan, as the story goes58
St. Swithin's day, if thou dost rain121
Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief54
Tell-tale, tit165
The carrion crow he sat upon an oak56
The cat sat asleep by the side of the fire185
The cock's on the dunghill a blowing his horn63, 74
The fals fox camme unto owre croft41
The first day of Christmas155
The fox and his wife, they had a great strife39
The king of France, and four thousand men20
The king of France went up the hillib.
The lion and the unicorn37
The little priest of Felton47
The little Robin red-breast123
The man in the moon32
The man in the moon drinks claret33
The man in the wilderness asked me157, 209
The quaker's wife got up to bake177
The rose is red, the grass is green13
The rose is red, the violet's blue191
The sow came in with the saddle186
The tailor of Bisiter 122
There once was a gentleman grand65
There was a crooked man, and he went a crooked mile39
There was a frog liv'd in a well87
There was a lady all skin and bone81
There was a lady lov'd a swine59
There was a little boy and a little girl183
p.258 /
There was a little guinea-pig25
There was a little man24, 47
There was a little nobby colt59
There was a little man, and he woo'd a little maid24, 224
There was a mad man and he had a mad wife95
There was a man in our toone45
There was a man of Newington21
There was a man who had no eyes213
There was a monkey climbed up a tree13
There was a wee bit wifie53
There was an old man32
There was an old man, and he liv'd in a wood96
There was an old man in a velvet coat31
There was an old man who lived in a wood43
There was an old man who liv'd in Middle-row175
There was an old man of Tobago215
There was an old woman33, 90-1
There was an old woman, and she liv'd in a shoe53
There was an old woman, and what do you think ? 158, 210
There was an old woman as I've heard tell60
There was an old woman had nothing158
There was an old woman had three sons21
There was an old woman of Leeds76
There was an old woman of Norwich75
There was an old woman sat spinning57
There was an old woman she went to church to pray244
There was an old woman toss'd up in a blanket89
There was an old woman who liv'd in a shoe53
There was an old woman called Nothing-at-all216
There were three jovial Welshmen145
There were three sisters in a hall116
There were two birds sat on a stone25
There were two blackbirds134
Thirty white horses on a red hill116
This is the house that Jack built222
This is the key of the kingdom140
This pig went to market146
Thomas a Didymus, king of the Jews188
Thomas a Didymus had a black beardib.
Three blind mice, see how they run58
Three blind mice, three blind mice243
Three children sliding on the ice27, 206
Three wise men of Gotham27
To make your candles last for aye121
To market ride the gentlemen139
Tom Brown's two little Indian boys 134
Tom he was a piper's son79
To market, to market110, 216
p.259 /
Tom married a wife on Sunday38
Tommy Tibule, Harry Wibule106
Tommy Trot, a man of law59
Tom, Tom, the piper's son33, 206
Trip trap over the grass154
Trip upon trenchers and dance upon dishes183
Twelve hunstmen [lit.] with horns and hounds 142
Twelve pears hanging high119
Two legs sat upon three legs115
Up hill and down dale181
Up street and down street51
Upon a pleasant holiday235
We are three brethren out of Spain132
We'll go a shooting, says Robin to Bobbin180
We'll hunt the wran, says Robin to Bobbin249
We make no spare23
We're all dry with drinking on't173
We're all in the dumps104
What care I how black I be ?189
What is the rhyme for porringer ?16
What shoemaker makes shoes without leather114
What's the news of the day215
When a twister twisting would twist him a twist128
When good king Arthur ruled this land4
When I was a bachelor, I lived by myself22
When I was a little boy, I had but little wit202
When I was a little boy, my mammy kept me in164
When I was a little girl168, 247
When I went up sandy hill118
Whiskum whaskum217
Who comes here ?175
Who goes round the house at night ?212
Who is going round my sheepfold150
Willy boy, Willy boy, where are you going ?214
William and Mary, George and Anne17
Yankee doodle came to town63, 100
Zickety, dickety, dock109