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          Title page: A Collection of Nursery Rhymes          
          Title page 2: Nursery Rhymes           
          Nursery rhyme: Jack Sprat           
           Nursery rhyme: Taffy the Welchman           
          Nursery rhyme: Little Husband           
          Nursery rhyme:  General Monk           
           Nursery rhyme: Jack Horner           
          Nursery rhyme: Jack and Gill           
           Nursery rhyme: Drummer and Sot           
          Nursery rhyme: Taylor and Crow           
           Nursery rhyme: Little Man and Wife           
           Nursery rhyme: Little Wee Laddie           
           Nursery rhyme: Little Pony           
          Nursery rhyme: Three Welch Hunters           
           continued: Three Welch Hunters           
          Nursery rhyme: Last page with publishers detail           
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