p.189 ]

Rose on bough with script 'Fragments' behind


THE girl in the lane, that couldn't speak plain,
     Cried, "gobble, gobble, gobble :"
The man on the hill, that couldn't stand still,
     Went hobble, hobble, hobble.

GOOSY goosy gander,
Who stands yonder ?
Little Betsy Baker ;
Take her up, and shake her.

p.190 /

     GOOSEY goosey gander,
     Where shall I wander ?
Up stairs, down stairs,
     And in my lady's chamber ;
There I met an old man
     That would not say his prayers ;
I took him by the left leg,
     And threw him down stairs.

     BABY and I
     Were baked in a pie,
The gravy was wonderful hot :
     We had nothing to pay
     To the baker that day,
And so we crept out of the pot.

WHAT are little boys made of, made of,
What are little boys made of ?
Snaps and snails, and puppy-dog's tails ;
And that's what little boys are made of, made of.
What are little girls made of, made of, made of,
What are little girls made of ?
Sugar and spice, and all that's nice ;
And that's what little girls are made of, made of.

p.191 /

BLOW, wind, blow ! and go, mill, go !
That the miller may grind his corn ;
That the baker may take it,
And into rolls make it,
And send us some hot in the morn.

WHEN Jacky's a very good boy,
     He shall have cakes and a custard ;
But when he does nothing but cry,
     He shall have nothing but mustard.

THE quaker's wife got up to bake,
     Her children all about her,
She gave them every one a cake,
     And the miller wants his moulter.

WHO comes here ?
     A grenadier.
What do you want ?
     A pot of beer.
Where is your money ?
     I've forgot.
Get you gone,
     You drunken sot!

p.192 /

THE barber shaved the mason,
     As I suppose
     Cut off his nose,
And popp'd it in the basin.

PEG, Peg, with a wooden leg,
     Her father was a miller :
He tossed the dumpling at her head,
     And said he could not kill her.

PARSON Darby wore a black gown,
And every button cost half-a-crown;
From port to port, and toe to toe,
Turn the ship and away we go!

     [In the following, the various parts of the countenance are touched as the lines are repeated ; and at the close the chin is struck playfully, that the tongue may be gently bitten.]
EYE winker,
Tom Tinker,
         Nose dropper.
Mouth eater,
Chin chopper,
         Chip chopper.

p.193 /

      I HAD a little moppet,
     I put it in my pocket,
And fed it with corn and hay ;
     Then came a proud beggar,
     And swore he would have her,
And stole little moppet away.

LITTLE Tommy Tacket,
        Sits upon his cracket;
Half a yard of cloth will make him coat and jacket ;
        Make him coat and jacket,
        Breeches to the knee.
And if you will not have him, you may let him be.

BARBER, barber, shave a pig,
How many hairs will make a wig ?
"Four and twenty, that's enough."
Give the poor barber a pinch of snuff.

I'LL buy you a tartan bonnet,
And some feathers to put on it,
Tartan trews and a phillibeg,
Because you are so like your daddy.

p.194 /

[The following is quoted in the song of Mad Tom. See my Introduction to Shakespeare's Mids. Night's Dream, p.55.]
THE man in the moon drinks claret,
     But he is a dull Jack-a-Dandy ;
Would he know a sheep's head from a carrot,
     He should learn to drink cider and brandy.

[A marching air.]
DARBY and Joan were dress'd in black,
Sword and buckle behind their back ;
Foot for foot, and knee for knee,
Turn about Darby's company.

IF all the seas were one sea,
What a great sea that would be !
And if all the trees were one tree,
What a great tree that would be !
And if all the axes were one axe,
What a great axe that would be !
And if all the men were one man,
What a great man he would be !
And if the great man took the great axe,
And cut down the great tree,
And let it fall into the great sea,
What a splish splash that would be !

p.195 /

MY little old man and I fell out,
I'll tell you what 'twas all about :
I had money and he had none,
And that's the way the row begun.

AROUND the green gravel the grass grows green,
And all the pretty maids are plain to be seen ;
Wash them with milk, and clothe them with silk,
And write their names with a pen and ink.

WHEN I went up sandy hill,
I met a sandy boy ;
I cut his throat, I sucked his blood,
And left his skin a hanging-o.

I HAD a little castle upon the sea-side,
One half was water, the other was land ;
I open'd my little castle door, and guess what I found ;
I found a fair lady with a cup in her hand.
The cup was gold, filled with wine ;
Drink, fair lady, and thou shalt be mine !

p.196 /

AS I went over the water,
     The water went over me,
I heard an old woman crying,
     Will you buy some furmity ?

GO to bed, Tom !
Go to bed, Tom !
Drunk or sober,
Go to bed, Tom !

I HAD a little pony,
     His name was Dapple-gray,
I lent him to a lady,
     To ride a mile away;
She whipped him, she slashed him,
     She rode him through the mire ;
I would not lend my pony now
     For all the lady's hire.

OLD father Graybeard,
     Without tooth or tongue ;
If you'll give me your finger,
     I'll give you my thumb.

p.197 /

BAH, bah, black sheep,
     Have you any wool ?
Yes, marry, have I,
     Three bags full :
One for my master,
     And one for my dame,
But none for the little boy
     Who cries in the lane.

ROWSTY dowt, my fire's all out,
My little dame is not at home !
I'll saddle my cock, and bridle my hen,
And fetch my little dame home again !
Home she came, tritty trot,
She asked for the porridge she left in the pot ;
Some she ate and some she shod,
And some she gave to the truckler's dog ;
She took up the ladle and knocked its head,
And now poor Dapsy dog is dead !

WASH hands, wash,
     Pussey's gone to plough ;
If you want your hands washed,
     Have them washed now.

p.198 /

HOW many days has my baby to play ?
     Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
     Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

DAFFY-DOWN-DILLY has come up to town,
In a yellow petticoat, and a green gown.

I CAN weave diaper thick, thick, thick,
And I can weave diaper thin,
I can weave diaper out of doors,
And I can weave diaper in.

LITTLE Tom Tucker
Sings for his supper ;
What shall he eat ?
White bread and butter.
How shall he cut it
Without e'er a knife ?
How will he be married
Without e'er a wife ?

p.199 /

COME, let's to bed,
Says Sleepy-head ;
     Tarry a while, says Slow :
Put on the pot,
Says Greedy-gut,
     Let's sup before we go.

TO market, to market, a gallop, a trot,
To buy some meat to put in the pot ;
Threepence a quarter, a groat a side,
If it hadn't been kill'd, it must have died.

HIGH diddle doubt, my candle's out,
My little maid is not at home :
Saddle my hog, and bridle my dog,
And fetch my little maid home.

AS I was going to sell my eggs,
I met a man with bandy legs,
Bandy legs and crooked toes,
I tripped up his heels, and he fell on his nose.

p.200 /

HUSSY, hussy, where's your horse ?
Hussy, hussy, gone to grass !
Hussy, hussy, fetch him home,
Hussy, hussy, let him alone.

SHAKE a leg, wag a leg, when will you gang ?
At midsummer, mother, when the days are lang.

LITTLE boy, pretty boy, where was you born ?
In Lincolnshire, master: come blow the cow's horn.
A half-penny pudding, a penny pie,
A shoulder of mutton, and that love I.

WILLY boy, Willy boy, where are you going ?
     I'll go with you, if I may.
I'm going to the meadow to see them a mowing,
     I'm going to help them make hay.

WHEN I was a little boy, I had but little wit,
It is some time ago, and I've no more yet ;
Nor ever ever shall, until that I die,
For the longer I Iive, the more fool am I.

p.201 /

     WE'RE all in the dumps,
     For diamonds are trumps ;
The kittens are gone to St. Paul's !
     The babies are bit,
     The moon's in a fit,
And the houses are built without walls.

RAIN, rain, go away,
Come again another day ;
Little Arthur wants to play.

WHAT'S the news of the day,
Good neighbour, I pray ?
They say the balloon
Is gone up to the moon.

[See a similar one to this at p.193.]
      LITTLE Mary Ester,
     Sat upon a tester,
Eating of curds and whey ;
     There came a little spider,
     And sat him down beside her,
And frightened Mary Ester away.

p.202 /

LEG over leg,
     As the dog went to Dover ;
When he came to a stile,
     Jump he went over.

A LITTLE old man and I fell out ;
How shall we bring this matter about ?
Bring it about as well as you can,
Get you gone, you little old man !

LITTLE girl, little girl, where have you been ?
Gathering roses to give to the queen.
Little girl, little girl, what gave she you ?
She gave me a diamond as big as my shoe.

         HARK, hark,
         The dogs do bark,
Beggars are coming to town ;
         Some in jags,
         Some in rags,
And some in velvet gowns.

p.203 /

Eat the pudding and left the bag.

[See part of No.193.]
HINK, minx ! the old witch winks,
     The fat begins to fry :
There's nobody at home but jumping Joan,
     Father, mother, and I.

GIRLS and boys, come out to play,
The moon doth shine as bright as day ;
Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
And come with your playfellows into the street.
Come with a whoop, come with a call,
Come with a good will or not at all.
Up the ladder and down the wall,
A halfpenny roll will serve us all.
You find milk, and I'll find flour,
And we'll have a pudding in half an hour.

IF a body meet a body,
     In a field of fitches ;
Can a body tell a body
     Where a body itches?

p.204 /

LITTLE boy blue, come blow up your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn ;
Where's the little boy that looks after the sheep ?
He's under the haycock fast asleep.
Will you wake him ?   No, not I ;
For if I do, he'll be sure to cry.