Snails invented Writing, Art & Numbers !

The Numbers

Zero, one, two


One, two, three


Even writing in Arabic:

This is Seventy Six
76-arabic style

With a philosophic turn of mind

Sixteen . . .
sixteen or 'is'

Or 'IS' ?
'Is' or sixteen

Snail writes sixty-nine
snail writes the figure '69'

As for Economics . .  

68 pounds and 10 pence (or maybe only 1p)
snail writes sixty eight pounds and 10 pence

Art or Pictures or Logos, the snail is well ahead of humans :

Smiley face
snail smiley face
Not a smiley face
snail not a smiley face

Swift visual notes:

snail spectacles

The plaintive art story line:

The broken mirror image,
wife leaves with children ...
art story line

Snails had their own Lascaux caves
long before primitive man

Footprints and some kind of wild animal hunt perhaps.

snail lascaux cave art

And even were ahead with the death
of King 'Snail' Harold in the Mollusc Tapestry

snail bayeux tapestry
(From left to right, top then bottom tapestry.)

Lastly, writing, the invention of which is completely down to the snail — latin or phoenician alphabet, or even the Chinese characters, the snail was there well before humans !

Your snail A and B

snail A and B

And some Chinese characters

chinese art, snail style

The pictures in a number of cases have been treated by Adobe Photoshop to render them more aesthetically edifying, but they are 'as is' and have not been manipulated other than texturising them. Give a snail a whiteboard (or piece of cuttlefish) and he — or she — is your writer in residence for life.

Created 11/12/13, corrected 12/12/13

My reading of the sequence is: 'Up yours King Harry!', priming of the cannon, bombs away, bit of a scrimmage, Over here! cries a soldier, mobile & landline phone thrown to the wind or out of reach, Harry, too late, gets it in the head with the arrow.

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