heading: Beware the Cat

The following comprise the existing versions of William Baldwin's Beware the Cat, both from the original 16th century editions and from 19th century transcriptions, with modern typography.
1570 The only extant title pages.
These are from the 2nd edition published by Wylliam Gryffith, London, in 1570.
1584 Beware the Cat by 'G.B.'
published by Edward Allde, London. This is the complete text of the 3rd edition dated 1584, missing title pages.
1570 (1864) James Halliwell's first modern republication.
This was from a 19th century transcript of the 1570 edition.
1584 (1874) Henry Huth / William Hazlitt
reproduced the preface from the 1584 edition in Prefaces Dedications Epistles selected from early English books 1540-1701.

1561 (1875) 'A short answer to the book called "Beware the Cat."'
is reproduced from Fugitive Tracts written in verse which illustrate the condition of religious and political feeling in England and the State of Society there during Two Centuries, First Series—1493-1600, selected by William Hazlitt and published by Henry Huth in London in 1875.

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