Frogmore Lodge Press

Further references
RANSOM, Will (1929) Private Presses and their Books, New York: R. R. Bowker Company.
p.29 refers to the press in the context of the increase of private presses at the beginning of the 19th century: "... and in 1809 the Press at Frogmore Lodge began a series of books with titles less amusing than its name."
      pp.286-287 lists the books, although omitting the 'A Chronological Abridgement of the History of France' (1811).

CAVE, Roderick (1983) The Private Press, 2nd edn revised and enlarged, New York & London: R. R. Bowker Company.
p.28 refers to the press as being set up "during the residence there of Queen Charlotte in 1809. Her companion, Miss Ellis Cornelia Knight, was closely concerned in its operations, editing a volume of translations from the German, and contributing (with Samuel Rogers) to a volume of miscellaneous poems in 1812. Most of its work was uninteresting (abridged chronologies of the history of various European countries, evidently for the use of children) and wretchedly produced. The printer employed, E. Harding, appears to have been a jobbing printer in Windsor."