Lines under the monument to Shakespeare. From James Halliwell 'The Life of William Shakespeare', 1848, page 289. Original published size 8.9cm wide by 4.2cm high.

    "Ivdicio Pylivm, genio Socratem, arte Maronem,
       Terra tegit, popvlvs mæret, Olympvs habet.

     Stay Passenger, why goest thov by so fast?
     read if thov canst, whom enviovs Death hath plast,
     with in this monument Shakspeare with whome
     quick natvre dide:whose name doth deck sy Tombe
     Far more then cost:Sieh all, ty He hath writt,
     Leaves living art, bvt page, to serve his witt.
                                         obiit ano doi 1616
                                         Ætatis, 53. die 23ap."