From : Arthur Freeman & Janet Ing, John Payne Collier : Scholarship & Forgery in the Nineteenth Century, 2004, New Haven & London: Yale University Press.

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" (12) pp. 146: Collier here quotes, from the diary of the London undertaker Henry Machyn (BL MS Cotton Vitellius F.V), a record of 'a play called Jube the Sane, performed at the marriage of Lord Strange to the daughter of the Earl of Cumnberland . . . in the reign of Edward VI' and conjectures that 'perhaps [the play] was scriptural, on the story of Job'. In the original MS (fol. 42v) the words 'a play' are interlined above 'Jube the cane' (the 'c' of which may have been altered in ink to make 'sane' a plausible reading), in a hand closely resembling that which inserted the word 'played' in another Machyn entry (see below, QD 14). The forged additions reflect an ignorance of the term 'Jube the cane', a sport involving tilting with canes; see above, page 204. [1879: i:143-44] E: genuine MS with forged interpolations."